A Beginner’s Guide To Managing Promotional Products

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Promotional products are a powerful tool that can be used as advertising specialties that double up as incentives, business gifts, awards, commemorative, and decorated items. When distributed strategically, they can help you establish our business by creating awareness about your brand. They also serve as a great way to communicate your message to your target audience in a meaningful way.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful while sourcing promotional products, you could exceed your marketing budget, distribute your merchandise ineffectively, or source inconsistent products. To help you avoid these misfortunes from occurring, Products & Promotion has put together a Beginner’s Guide to managing promotional products. This guide is designed to inform you about the importance of organizing, controlling, and purchasing branded merchandise.

Getting Started

Plan your requirements: Look at your business and prepare a plan for annual conferences, community functions, trade shows you plan to attend, etc. Based on these events, choose promotional products such as branded apparel for frontline staff or specific functions, branded pens, or popular tech items for giveaways at the programs you are hosting or attending. Align the branding of your company logo on all items chosen for specific functions to create consistency.

Next Steps

Limit product options: Avoid going for a variety of promotional products as it will only increase your costs. Instead, what you can do is choose the most relevant products that will represent your business well and produce branded versions of these to give away.

Offer limited amounts: Remember that you bear the cost of promotional products. So, when you give them out, ensure you distribute them to the right people when there is a genuine reason to.

Choose dropshipping options: To help you save on promotional expenses, make sure to dropship your products. Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method under which the store selling the promotional products to you doesn’t keep the products you want. They send your requirements directly to the manufacturer, who then ships the finished order to you.

Advice From The Pros

Look for convenience and savings: When choosing producers for your commercial products besides quality, make sure to look for comfort and savings too. You don’t want to burn through your entire budget on merchandise that you’ll give away for free. At the same time, you don’t want to be hassled unnecessarily for a consignment that you’re paying for.

Maintain consistency: When it comes to promotional merchandise, you need to ensure that your logo and brand name are standard in terms of size, color, design, and spelling on all your products. To ensure this, you must have dedicated staff to order your promotional goods and deliver consistent branding details that do not clash with your branding aesthetic.

Choose popular goods: Make sure you choose popular promotional products and apparel but don’t limit them to special events. At the same time, these products should fit within the company’s branding guidelines and budgetary concerns.

Create guidelines: Grant limited access to different staff members when it comes to ordering and distributing promotional products. Various departments have different needs, and their access level should reflect that to control consistency and spending. Also, clearly outline limits on order quantities and delivery times. 

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