Hottest Promotional Product Trends For 2020

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Looking for the best promotional items and corporate gifts to elevate your brand in 2020? We all like to skate to “where the puck is going,” so we reviewed our most innovative clients’ buying patterns and branding successes, crunched some internal data, and put together the definitive guide for the best swag in 2020.

Why Thoughtful Corporate Giveaways in 2020 Will Help You Cut Through The Digital Noise

Branding merchandise is hardly a new idea, but the fact that the idea is tested and true doesn’t mean that it isn’t still, hands down, the most effective way to generate positive impressions of your brand.

In fact, the most recent Global Ad Impressions Study published by the Advertising Speciality Institute found that investing in branded giveaway items and other types of corporate promotional products are the single best way to generate the most impressions for less.

Even more interesting, anybody who thinks that the thriving popularity of promotional items in 2020 might be threatened by the advent of popular mediums of internet-based advertising will want to think again. The same study found that branded swag is still 2.5 times more effective than Internet-based advertising methods.

Hottest Promotional Product Trends For 2020

It would also be a massive misconception to believe that the corporate gifts of 2020 are limited to the same basic branded T-shirts of yesteryear. One of the coolest things about promotional products in 2020 is that they are in a better position to evolve and adapt to the times than almost any other advertising method out there, and this means that promotional swag in 2020 is more sleek, stylish and future-forward than ever. 

The Definitive List of the Hottest Promotional Swag for 2020

Promotional swag in 2020 is all about moving forward into the future with the best environmentally friendly goodies, cutting-edge tech, and outdoor-friendly fun. 

Adopting an Eco-Conscious Approach

As more and more people start to work harder on a daily basis to reduce their impact on the planet, they also have a growing drive to support those brands that are on the same level in terms of values. Indeed, recent research has found that a whopping 42% of people surveyed were likely to have an even more positive impression of a brand that aligns itself with eco-friendly products.

Long story short, investing in eco-conscious swag in 2020 pays off, both in terms of reducing your company’s environmental impact and demonstrating the type of eco-conscious attitude that more and more people are looking for in terms of the brands that they choose to support.

For some fun ideas, check out this trendy cork and cotton blend tote bag. Tote bags are all the rage these days, and this chic, minimalist look will help your brand stand out from the crowd. Even better, these PET recyclable bags are very affordable.

Or how about these super convenient Strawman Stainless Steel Reusable Metal Straws? These durable straws conveniently fold up into one of four attractive colored portable cases and are a surefire conversation starter that will help save the oceans and get your brand noticed all at once. 

Hottest Promotional Product Trends For 2020

Co-Branding with High-Quality Retail Brands

Teaming up with a familiar name that people already love and respect is one of the easiest ways to establish the ethos of your own branded philosophy. This is why the coolest corporate gifts in 2020 are all about giving people the high-quality branded products that they already want to own.

So don’t miss out on an opportunity to align yourself with some of the most in-demand brands out there who have already done the groundwork by establishing a reputation for quality that is second-to-none. This helps explain why everybody can’t wait to get their hands on promotional products aligned with the hottest names out there like YETIAnkerMorphieThe North Face, and other top-notch brands.

For instance, there are few employees or clients who would say no to a new set of custom Apple AirPods. For anybody really wanting to turn up the wow factor, this type of stand-out gift is the way to go. 

Hottest Promotional Product Trends For 2020

Multi-Purpose and Multi-Functional Goodies

The less that people have to carry around with them, the better, and some of the coolest promotional products in 2020 are all about providing multifunctional efficiency. These types of innovative and inventive branded gifts are almost always a sure-fire conversation starter, and when they serve more purpose than one this only increases the chances that people will find a good use for them.

There are few techies who wouldn’t delight in receiving this Forward Fabric Speaker with wireless charging capabilities. Not only will this little speaker provides up to six hours of high-quality sound before needing a charge, but it can also charge up your smartphone while it plays.

Anybody looking for a smart gift idea that is bound to come in handy will want to be sure to scope out this Graphica Bettoni 4-in-1 Pen. It is perfect for the office and any on-the-fly repair project alike. It comes complete with a three-inch ruler and dual Phillips screwdrivers inside. 

Hottest Promotional Product Trends For 2020

Light Up Your Logo With LED Logo Personalization

Looking for a smart way to make your branded logo stand out from the rest of the pack. LED-lit personalized logos are the newest must-have fad for promotional items in 2020, and for good reason.

Take, for example, this PU Light-Up-Logo Power Bank. This fashionable power bank offers up a whopping 6000 mah of power charging capacity and when your backlit laser engraved branded image is sure to turn heads while doing it.

Meanwhile, anybody looking for a smart gift idea on the cheap should definitely cash in on the Radiant Light Up Logo 3-in-1 Charging Cable. This super handy multi-tip backlit charger makes for the type of trade show giveaways in 2020 that will help your brand shine through the crowd. 

Hottest Promotional Product Trends For 2020

Technology to Go

Promotional products in 2020 that offer people the best of portable technology is a win-win for everybody. Employees and clients will love to receive these cutting-edge products that they can take everywhere, and this only means more and more positive impressions for your brand. Talk about smart advertising!

Anybody looking for a crowd-pleaser will want to check out the type of popular tech-to-go products like portable Bluetooth headphones. However, if you are looking for more affordable style giveaways in 2020, you can always opt for mobile earbuds instead. There is really no way to go wrong with this kind of highly practical tech-friendly giveaway.

As far as smartphone accessories go, phone grips and wallets both took off in late 2019, and this trend probably won’t be letting up any time soon. At the same time, anybody who owns a smartphone would also be hard-pressed to say no to these must-have portable power banks and Qi wireless chargers.

Of course, anybody looking to nail down some of the coolest swag of 2020 won’t want to miss out on a chance to get their name on any of these cutting-edge remote control selfie drones. Talk about a cool way to make memories that will last!

Hottest Promotional Product Trends For 2020

Camping and Outdoor-Friendly Gear

Outdoor living is in and it is no surprise that outdoor brands like CamelBak and YETI are killing it this year. This type of equipment is as versatile as it is stylish, and it is a sure shot that any employee or client would be thrilled to receive any of their highly sought after drinkware or coolers.

Or how about this nifty water-resistant High Sierra Picnic Blanket? There is no need to be an outdoor enthusiast to enjoy the fun of eating outdoors whenever you choose, and this highly portable blanket comes with durable straps and is available in three printing methods of your choosing. It easily makes for one of the top corporate gifts of 2020.

Looking for an out of the box outdoor gift that is just as versatile as it is useful? This Sebago Packable Hammock is the type of outdoor gear that anybody would love, and with three different printing methods available, your logo is sure to get noticed in all the right ways. 

Hottest Promotional Product Trends For 2020

Dog Lovers Delight

Looking for the perfect type of gift to get a young millennial crowd on board with your brand?

Forget the baby gear, millennials love dogs! Of course, it is not just millennials who are into humanity’s favorite four-legged friends (sorry cats), but they are more likely to want to have all that cool gear that will have their dogs showing up in style.

This convenient Food-to-Go Travel Pet Bowl means that your employees and clients can take their dogs where they go without having to worry about sourcing a bowl, and the same goes for your attractive printed logo. It pairs perfectly with this super handy 24oz Steel Hydration Bottle for Pets so that you can check all those dog-lovers off your list for corporate gifts for 2020. 

Hottest Promotional Product Trends For 2020

The Takeaway: Convenience is Key

If there is one more hot tip that should be kept in mind for giveaways in 2020, it is color. Anybody who really wants to nail it with their employees and clients will want to seek out those colors and patterns that are trending. Dark greys like stone or graphite are super hot right now, as is buffalo plaid. However, don’t stress too much about color. If all else fails, neutral tones are also in so don’t be afraid to keep it simple. 

If there is one thing to take away from this list, it is that promotional products in 2020 are all about taking winners from the past and making them even better to max out on convenience and versatility